Get Your Business Online With the Right Web Host

Web Hosting in South Africa

Running a business in Africa or anywhere else around the world can be difficult.  It is hard to bring in business.  One of the best ways to bring in business is to get your business online.  How do you do that, though?  With the right web host.  Take a look at the handpicked selection of web hosting companies in South Africa that we have found.



WebAfrica takes care of every aspect of business’s connection to the internet.  They provide internet connections as well as being a web host.  On the WebAfrica website, you will find a variety of different hosting plans, perfect for every different level of internet presence.  Their basic package is good for those with a simple website while their most advanced package is for those who need a powerful website.

A domain name and hosting starts at R19 a month and goes up to around R3499 a month depending on what functions you want the server to be able to carry out and whether or not you want a managed server.


HostKing is another web hosting service for in South Africa.  According to their website, they aim to provide fast service with their LiteSpeed server enhancement.  They have found that sites load up to 9 times faster than previously.  Services at HostKing are administered using the popular and standard cPanel management system.

Whether you want to have a simple website based on a template or a more demanding website, you can do it with HostKing.  Plans start at R24 a month and go all the way to over R139 a month depending on what features and functionality you want.


Another one of the web hosting companies for South Africa is elitehost.  They offer server locations either directly in South Africa or in the UK but are officed in South Africa.  Daily backups are made of the elitehost server to make sure that your content is protected.  Many of the features that you expect to be present can be found with elitehost: cPanel, MySQL, PayFast, and more.  You can build a powerful website and even host more than one domain.

Plans start at R35 a month.  You can go up from there depending on your specific needs.  Virtual private servers start at R200 a month.  Additional space, features, and domains can be purchased as needed.


DSL Broadband, Fibre, and hosting, those are the services that Afrihost offers.  There are a variety of different hosting options available from Afrihost, including both cloud hosting and specialized hosting options.  Afrihost is based right in the South African area of Johannesburg.  Over 10 years of service to the South African community and being one of the best web hosting services in South Africa they have added feature after feature to their hosting service.

The basic Afrihost accounts are hosted on Linux servers and start at R29 a month.  You can get expanded plans with more features and more storage space for additional money.  You can also upgrade to Windows based hosting which starts at R49.

Picking the Right Host

The internet is a vast place and servers can be placed anywhere around the world.  If you serve only the South African area, you should find web hosting companies in South Africa and only look at those.  This will provide your clientele with the fastest possible service.

Shopping local is also important.  You want to deal with the people who will put the money back into their community, your community.

You can read reviews on plenty of online websites.  One such website for reviews is You can also try asking other businesses in the area who they use as a web host.  Word of mouth reviews is the best because they are most likely to be real.

There are plenty of great web hosting companies in South Africa.  Each one of them comes with their own benefits.  You need to decide which one is right for you.  Price is important, but don’t forget to look at other factors.  You want fast speed, enough storage, good customer service, and the services you need.  Don’t go for a web host that can’t meet all of your needs.

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Have you booked your exhibition stand at My Business Expo 2016?

My Business Expo Logo

A Business Exhibition You Better Not Miss!

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) is hosting their extremely successful My Business Expo on the 25th of August 2016 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in Cape Town. Although we mainly focus on the online aspect for small businesses, we want to let you know about the My Business Expo as it is a really great platform to showcase your business and gain maximum exposure if you take part as an exhibitor.

The My Business Expo is considered to be Africa’s largest exhibition when it comes to starting up and growing a business. So making sure that you take part can be a game-changer.

Some of the Exhibition Displays on show

This is truly a massive event, with over 25 000 visitors and well over 500 exhibitors expected over the Johannesburg and Cape Town events. So reserving your spot early is a must.

If you did happen to miss the Johannesburg leg of the event which took place earlier this year at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, you will need to make your way down to Cape Town or else, you will have to settle for waiting until the middle of March next year (2017) for when the next Johannesburg event is scheduled.


What are some of the benefits of attending and having your own exhibition stand at the event?

Simply put, you are going to be able to connect and network with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, massively increase your exposure, and you are going to learn a lot about what it takes to run a successful business.

The exhibition is not just about showcasing your business. Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to attend extremely valuable seminars that provide priceless, actionable information that you can implement in your business to grow it from a small start-up, to a hugely successful company.

Just by purchasing a My Business Expo ticket, you will have free access to the Build a Business LIVE section of the event. This will feature 4 world renowned inspirational and entrepreneurial guest speaker. Implementing the advice from these speakers is going to be crucial to attaining the right mind-set when building a successful business.

Some of the business exhibits

Here is a brief overview of the speakers taking part in the Build a Business LIVE section of the Expo:

  • Mike Anderson. Mike Anderson is the founder and CEO of the NSBC. Mike will be providing valuable insight into getting into the right frame of mind to ensure that you are always taking action and not looking for excuses that will hold you back.
  • Gavin Sharples. Gavin has presented at and provided inspiration to thousands people at numerous conventions. He will be discussing important attributes of the most successful people who are changing the world… not only in business.
  • Mark Berger. Mark is a famous motivational speaker. He has decades of experience in entrepreneurship and has trained thousands of people for some of the world’s biggest companies.
  • Mark Keating. Mark is an extremely well known leader in the business world, having appeared on TV, radio and multiple publications. He will be sharing some invaluable secrets of some of South Africa’s top salesmen.

Aside from the My Business Live part of the Expo, seminars will be held throughout the day featuring industry experts who will discuss key ways to expand your business to reach a global market.

Just being able to listen to these inspirational speakers is worth the price of the event alone, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

Is the Exhibition still worthwhile if you haven’t started a business yet?

Of course it is. There will be an entire section dedicated to start-up and franchise opportunities, as well as specialised services specifically dedicated to new start-ups.

For more information head on over to the My Business Expo website at But remember, the exhibition is a little over a month away so make sure you start getting your exhibition banners and branding sorted.

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Listing your business in an online directory

A Powerful and Profitable Online marketing Approach

Efficient advertising mediums like newspapers, well-known journals or Television ads are particularly effective for boosting a business. On the other hand, for modest businesses specifically for individuals that are just starting off, promotion by means of these mediums is often too expensive to consider.

Even so, with the world-wide-web, there are presently potent but cost-effective means to get great exposure and with it, new customers for your business. The very first thing you want to do is to invest in a website for your business, this is your main online real estate.

Another extremely effective way of quickly boosting your business without spending much is to get your business and website listed in online business directories. You can even have it listed in numerous directories. Doing so will steadily rank your website in the search engines and bring in more customers.

On the other side of the coin, building and maintaining your own online business directory can be just as profitable.

Many business websites utilise online directories such as the online Yellow Pages as a standard advertising strategy. These directories are both useful for the business owners as well as customers since the business website and physical address is listed, making it easier to find online and offline.

On its own, a small 3 page local business website will have a hard time ranking highly in Google’s search results, therefore leveraging the power of a large and established online directory is valuable as it connects buyers and sellers directly, allows you to establish your brand, provide news about your business and most importantly, attract more customers.

Some business directories even let you list your business for free, while the more authoritative ones often charge for a listing. They even have listing upgrade opportunities like online discount coupons, acquisition services and detailed reporting tools for you to use.

No matter what type of business you operate or its size, listing it an online business directory, whether paid or free, will be of great benefit in the long run and will steadily increase your online brand.

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Trust only the expert ophthalmologist in Johannesburg

Finding a trusted eye specialist in South Africa

The number of doctors and health practitioners is rising every day! Every day a new clinic, hospital or health center springs up in Johannesburg. Are all good? Can all be trusted to deliver quality services? Well, the answer is definitely a NO! Unfortunately, for some health is just another business and the aim is to make money! Any health institute that works with the primary focus of making money and not serving people for the better cannot be trusted for something as sensitive and vital as one’s health!

An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems. Your eyes are one of the most vital organs that serve a primary function. External or internal damages to the eye can create a havoc to daily life and completely upset one’s life! Fortunately, medical advancements and technology have made it possible to treat almost all kinds of eye problems with ease and precision. For example, a Lasik eye surgery is something that most people could not even imagine a few decades ago!

an ophthalmologist doing what they do best

Points to consider

Eyes are important, sensitive and vital to good functioning of the body. This highlights the importance to trust only an expert in the field to help you overcome your problem. Let’s take a look at some of the important points to consider when choosing an ophthalmologist Johannesburg:

Experience Counts
A well established hospital or eye center, with several years of experience, is one way to determine the reliability factor. But also, not just the institution but the experience of the ophthalmologist must also be taken into consideration.
Like any product or service you buy, you must try to find out reviews of past patients to formulate an understanding of the experiences or any grievances.
Always understand the treatment and procedure. You could read about it in a medical journal and formulate some questions to be asked to the ophthalmologist. An interactive conversation also reflects experience and helps build trust.
Certified and Licensed
Always look for and trust certified and licensed institutes and doctors. This also establishes the use of good machinery and technology.

While these are just some basic points to help choose between Johannesburg ophthalmologists. The most important point is to take your time in analysing every factor. Important health decisions must not be made in a hurry or based on instinct! is a great place to start your search for an eye doctor that is right for you.

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